Friday, September 5, 2008

Mixed Denim

Georgie decided to join me for today's photo shoot and show off her newest toy, a stuffed platypus with a squeaker inside. Oh, how Georgie loves her squeaky plush toys. She loves them so much that eventually there are bits of fluff and stuffed body parts all over the apartment. Luckily there's a great pet store within walking distance of my place, so the beloved plush friends are easily replaced.

The upper part of this silver top is really ugly. It's just a simple tank, but the fit is horribly unflattering on me. However, I recognized the top's layering potential, so when I found it at the Goodwill for $3, I decided I could live with the limitation of needing to wear it under something else.

Today's outfit features a mix of denims, something I don't do very often. I think this is the easiest way to mix different denim pieces: choose two that aren't too close in color, and then have another non-denim item that separates the two. I don't think this outfit would work nearly as well if the top were shorter and the vest long enough to sit right next to the pants. It's also great if there's a difference in texture between the two denims. In this case, the vest is a classic rough weave, while the jeans have a smoother, slightly dressy texture.

Vest: Anoname
Top: Thrifted
Jeans: Joe's
Shoes: Bobbi Blu (OMG I wore the same pair of shoes 2 days in a row. What is the world coming to?)


M said...

Oh dear, your dog is so cute I got tears in my eyes! From what I can see through them, your assemble looks nice too. But the dog with the platypus is just over the top! Does he play with his toys all day by himself, or do you have some kind of doggysitter service? In my neighborhood there are quite many dogs. Last week on my jogging I saw twice this lady with three little dogs dressed in matching overalls. Different outfits each time.

Songy said...

Your ugly top is not ugly at all!
I came check out what kind of lovely person you are after reading Sal's post on the boots' hunting.

well you're not only lovely but uber stylish as well :)

I love that jean vest. That totally makes the outfit perfect.
You are ever so stylish.

Adding you to my blog roll

E said...

Hey Pretty Lady! I need to catch up on my commenting!

Georgie is seriously adorable. My heart melts :)

I love the top! But now I'm curious to see what the upper part looks like... And your scarf is wonderful, too.

Anonymous said...

My jealousy of Georgie is BOUNDLESS. Plush platypus WITH squeaker? Sigh. Here is my all-time favorite link to pass around: The Tassie Dept of Industries and Water (?) has wonderful info on the platypus, including this page

Scroll to the sentence "Have a listen this rarely heard growl!" to hear a platypus vocalize!!!

ANYHOODLE, I'm super impressed at your effortless mixing of denims. That is territory I fear to tread, but you've done it with panache, as always.

LJ said...

This is a really cute look!

Audi said...

m: Georgie has it all, really. Every day while I'm at work her dog walker comes by and takes her out for 2 walks with different groups of about 5 or 6 other dogs. So while I'm working, she's frolicking in a park or at the beach with her real life buddies. Then when I get home she's got a mountain of toys and chewy things to entertain herself with.

Sal: I seriously envy the Australians for their amazing assortment of wildlife. That's not the sound Georgie's platypus makes, though.

Anonymous said...

ohhhh, is Georgie a pit bull, or a pibble mix? Such a cutie!

Audi said...

canodiva1: Georgie is pit mixed with something else. I get a lot of theories on it; everything from whippet to lab to English pointer. I think a lean hunting breed like a pointer or German shorthair seems the most likely, since she is very slender for a pittie.