Monday, September 15, 2008


Today's outfit was tough to photograph because the dark colors all end up looking black, so I'll explain a little better about what I have on. The tunic top actually is black and is from H&M. The skirt, however, is a dark olive green; it's from Noa Noa, a store that I absolutely love but am thankful doesn't have any stores in the US, if only for the sake of my pocketbook. It's bad enough that I seem to run across one every year when I go to Europe, no matter where my spontaneity takes me.

The clocked argyle socks are from Sock Dreams, scarf from H&M, belt by DKNY (thrifted), shoes by John Fluevog. The silver bangles arrived last week in the care package sent to me by Sal; I've already worn them several times and they are just perfect for adding a little contrast to a dark outfit like this one. I'll be wearing more of Sal's care package goodies in days to come.


Anonymous said...

Hurrah! I'm so glad those bangles are getting some use. They've languished on my dresser for ages.

And another pair of Fluevogs! We needs must compare collections some day, kitten.

Songy said...

wooha.. great combo with the scarf.