Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Metal Detector

Today I experimented with layering this ultra-relaxed gray hoodie with the dressier sheer gold top and structured skirt. I love the fact that the soft, drapey hood lays completely flat and allows a jacket to be comfortably worn over the top. Can you tell that my objective with my wardrobe selections this week has been to avoid having to change out the yellow handbag I've been using since Monday? Changing handbags is one of my least favorite fashion tasks.

Since the colors of this outfit were very subdued, I piled on a bunch of flashy jewelry to boost the glam factor. This prompted one of my coworkers to remark that it was a good thing I didn't need to go through any metal detectors today.

The gold top is from Susina, gray hoodie from a local import store, skirt by Banana Republic, belt from the Red Dress Shoppe, shoes by Steve Madden. These shoes are one of the most comfortable pairs I own, however like my other pair of Steve Maddens, they somehow always cause me to tear holes in the toes of my stockings. Today I lost yet another pair of my very favorite thigh highs from Victoria's Secret, with reinforced toes no less! The difficulty in finding exactly the right pair of stockings at Victoria's Secret cannot be overstated. By the time you find the right kind of stocking with the kind type of toe, you're damn lucky if they're also stocked in the size and color you're looking for. Steve, what is it with your shoes that they destroy my stockings? Perhaps they should be called "Steve Maddening."

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Leslie said...

I love this look....and I ADORE that skirt!!! Me wants!!!!