Friday, August 15, 2008


This herringbone jacket has been an underutilized garment in my wardrobe for quite some time. Part of the reason is that with some outfits it looks too overtly equestrian for my tastes. Then the other day Une Femme d'un Certain Age did a nice post about equestrian styles that inspired me to give it another try. Her point was that it's fine to have a theme to an outfit as long as it isn't too literal. For today's outfit, I left the jacket open with the belt showing underneath to modernize the look, and used the drape-necked top rather than a button-down for a less structured appearance. The geometric pattern on the skirt also gave the outfit a bolder and less classic look.

I found this skirt as part of my recent thrift store haul. I actually didn't like it very much when I tried it on, but upon closer scrutiny I realized that it just need the right pair of shoes to make it look good. I'm happy I ended up bringing it home, as it makes a good starting piece upon which to build an outfit of mixed black and brown.

Jacket: La Redoute
Top: Sunhee Moon
Belt: Oscar
Skirt: Thrifted
Leggings: Kersh
Boots: ??


Anonymous said...

Super chic look ~ you look fab as usual!

Leslie said...

This jacket is FABULOUS! I love equestrian style jackets and how you can change their look

Susan B said...

I love how you've paired the jacket with the graphic skirt! Two thumbs up!!

mette said...

Hi Audi! I´m thrilled that you e-mailed my daughter and have commented her outfit too. So far it has only been me who has left the comments. You two are working both on the same field,so I thought that it would be great to get you two connected in some way. I can sometimes comment her outfits in English, so that you will be able to read them,until you have learned your Finnish. If it is ok with you,I will be leaving messages for you too. I wish you could comment more-both positive and negative comments are appreciated.Your todays outfit is great. I really like the equestrian look. I guess it has something to do with our family´s mutual interest- horses. Love-mette BTW my daughter took part to a conference in Iceland this summer too.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! Found you through Jane from Work That Wardrobe...Love your styles and great ideas! Go on my blog and see my new vintage cheetah coat! I do it in an equestrian look that you might like. Will add you to favorites!