Monday, August 18, 2008


I love clothes that have interesting details such as decorative buttons and contrast topstitching. All of the major pieces in today's outfit feature such details. I love the double column of buttons down the front of the skirt, and the topstitching on the shoes gives them a quirkiness that is particularly well-suited to my personal style.

This outfit also features this sorely-neglected blazer from Max Studio. I think it must have been about 2 years since I've worn it; in fact, I almost got rid of it at one point, but the original cost of the jacket made me feel guilty about casting it off without at least giving it one more try. Once I saw it incorporated into this outfit, I wondered why I hadn't worn it more. I like how the tuxedo-style lapels give the blazer a more formal look. I'm glad I gave it a second chance and wasn't too hasty with my most recent wardrobe purge.

Blazer: Max Studio
Green knit top: Forever 21
Black tee: H&M
Skirt: Anthropologie
Shoes: Art Shoes
Handbag: Lucky Brand


Anonymous said...

I cannot get over how talented at this you are; Why not quit biotech and be a style consultant? Or at least do it on the side! Karen

mette said...

Correct. It is the details that makes one´s outfit personal. I,myself believe less is more and tend to dress down-maybe even too much so. If I wear pearls, they must be big ones.Not a lot of jewels at the same time. Ear rings-large diamond ones I wear all the time-wouldn´t try anything artificial. But as you read this,you can see that thank god we people differ.

Unknown said...

I love the pairing of the apple green top with the teal skirt.

I want that skirt baaaaaaadly! Did you get it at Anthropologie? There's one just like it on their website, and I'm waiting for it to go on sale there. :o)

Audi said...

Anchibride: Yes, the skirt is from Anthropologie, although it's from the new fall collection so it might be awhile before it goes on sale.

*Diane* said...

Hi Audi,
I dig your blog and creative attention to detail...and how you manage to mix and match some pieces that on first glance would not occur to most ppl to pair. I LOVE!!!!!!! your purse.How big is it? It seems big enough to hold alot, which i need.I want it!!!!

Eyeliah said...

For me the purse totally completes the outfit. Great ocean colors here. I featured you on my blog today, I hope you don't mind. You have great style.

Audi said...

Hailey @ That's so funny, because I just found your blog yesterday and added it to my reader. Thanks for the mention!

*Lady D*: The purse is BIG, and holds loads of stuff. I took it traveling and it easily held a water bottle, camera, scarf, maps, whatever. I don't think this particular bag is available anymore (maybe on eBay?), but Lucky Brand always seems to come out with big slouchy hobo bags of a similar shape every year. This one is about 17" wide by 12" high, and since it's only about 4" deep it lays nice and flat against the body.