Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Belt Clip for Nerds

I've had this Mac & Jac skirt for quite some time but have barely worn it until recently. I believe it needs some minor modifications: first, I think I'll shorten it by a couple of inches so that it hits just at the knee; second, it has a cotton lining that causes the skirt to bunch up on itself when I walk, which I'll remove. Why designers produce skirts and dresses without silky linings has long been a mystery to me.

The purple drape-neck top is thrifted, long cardi from Max Studio, handbag from Banana Republic, boots by Bata. The belt is Oscar by Oscar de la Renta, and is one I got at Saks Off 5th the other weekend in Minneapolis for only $20. Like many leather belts it has the problem of the excess belt length sticking out, and today I was at a loss as to how to make it lay flat. Finally I held it in place by strategically clipping on the security access badge I have to wear at work, which was an astounding bit of nerdiness. But hey, it worked.

To keep this outfit from looking too washed-out, I added this chunky wooden necklace. I find that this necklace, with its large black beads, is an immensely useful item to have in my wardrobe; I don't wear it very often, but when I need it there's really no other substitute for adding a little punch to an outfit without bringing in an additional color. With this one being nice and long, I can tie it in a knot or loop it around my neck several times to make it just the length I need.


Jane said...

A great look as usual. I have just been reading the runway edits in my magazines and I have seen a long cardigan like that one which I thought would be very useful.
It looks like you guys are starting to get all autumn (Fall) on us. We are still squeezing every last bit of summer out over here.

Anonymous said...

I adore the outfits you put together! Most of them have been added to my "inspiration" folder. :)

I've been using two tricks to keep leather belts flat.

1. For woven leather belts, I have a stock-pile of black, brown, and teal paper clips (found in the store or I've painted them with nail polish) that I use. I straighten one side so that one end is still coiled and the other end is not, stick the uncoiled side through a gap in the weave towards the top of the belt, and tuck it over so that both the coiled and un-coiled ends of the paper lie flat between the belt and my body. When done right, the small section of paper-clip in the front isn't noticeable and you won't get poked in the stomach/side when sitting.

2. For non-woven belts I take a VERY small piece of tape (usually duck tape), loop it by over-lapping the ends so that the sticky side faces out, place it on the belt so that the loop is stretched out flat, and stick the loose end of the belt to the other side of the tape. If the tape loop is stretched so that it's mostly-flat, there won't be a weird gap/space between the two parts of the belt. Also, if it's removed after you're done wearing it, there should be no damage to the belt. Then again, the spots where the tape goes aren't seen by anyone when it's on... just depends on how finnicky one is! :)

Audi said...

workthatwardrobe: Don't take San Francisco wear as indicative of the end of summer; we just have very weird weather patterns here. We usually get some 'previews' of summer in May and June, followed by a cold and foggy July and August, and then if we're lucky we'll get our 'Indian Summer' in September and October, the most beautiful months of the year in San Francisco. So stay tuned -- you may see some more summer wear on this page yet!

sweetlytwistd: Thanks for the tips -- I'll give them a try!

Kasmira said...

Ha ha! I use my ID badge clip as a belt fastener too! On a black belt, a binder clip works nicely, too.

Anonymous said...

Oh Oscar - - that belt is wonderful!