Monday, July 7, 2008

Walking Dead

Well the good news is that Mark came home last night after being out of town for the long weekend. The bad news is, his flight was delayed and he got in rather late, which meant that today I was like the walking dead. The happily contented walking dead, mind you. Good thing all I had to do today at work was to pack up my office for our big move tomorrow.

Purple tunic top: a cast-off from my little sister
Yellow tank: H&M
Jeans: Dittos
Shoes: Born

Over the long weekend I decided to try a shopping excursion to Forever 21, having seen Kasmira and others sport some cute things from there. For years I've believed that I couldn't wear anything from that store because it carries only juniors' sizing, but I was pleasantly surprised to find quite a few things that not only fit, but that don't look like something only a teenager should be wearing. The best part is, everything was very reasonably priced; Kimberly would be proud of me. Several of my new items will make their debut this week.


Ally said...

Looooove your shoes!

I can't wait to see what all you got. I've never bought anything there than a bracelet (or maybe necklace??). I think most of the stuff would be too small and it'd make me all pouty and depressed.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Ally I usually only buy accessories at F21, but you are a skinny minnie so you can wear their stuff. I am excited to see all of your "bargains" this week. I am super proud. I bought a pair of Betsey Johnson heels this weekend and thought of you (I did snag then for a super deal on ebay!). Hopefully I will get them soon.

E said...

You look so happy!! Yay!

Those jeans are AWESOME. The color, the shape, everything. Putting purple and yellow against the green was an excellent choice: you look fantastic!!

Jessica said...

I love this outfit! You wear these bold colors well and they look great together.

Leslie said...

Those green jeans are so very fun!! I used to have a perfect red pair very similar but "out grew" them and have never found another perfect pair. Yours look adorable on!

Londyn said...

Love this combo! Forever21 is still too junior in pants to fit my curvier bottom half shape, but I love going there for tops and accessories!

Emily Kennedy said...

He he. Yeah, no, F21 definitely will have sizes that fit you; you're way slender. It's just you love high quality stuff, so I would imagine you wouldn't like F21. But I love high quality stuff as well, and I still can't help myself with them. It's fun to get something really trendy without actually having to commit big funds.