Thursday, July 10, 2008


This green top is actually a long tunic; normally I hate tucking things in but in this case there was no chance of it coming untucked, and it had the added benefit of rendering a slip unnecessary. The tunic is from Forever 21, t-shirt by Michael Stars, skirt from La Redoute, shoes by Anne Klein.

Interestingly, the most expensive piece in this outfit was the Michael Stars t-shirt, which set me back about $45. The tunic was $26, the linen skirt was $21, the sandals were about $15 at Ross, and the belt cost around $12 at my local import store. Still, I've gone on before about how great these Michael Stars shirts are, and I'll stand by my belief that they are worth the price.

I tried a new background today because I didn't think the off-white t-shirt looked very good against my white front door. Sadly, my apartment has no outdoor area that's really suitable for taking self-portraits. My little cart full of potted orchids is about the closest thing I can get to a nature shot.


Kasmira said...

What do you think of Michael Stars' tees? Do they live up to the hype? Are they worth the price?

Jane said...

Love the new background.

E said...

I feel like I've been out of commenting commission, here!

Tuesday is my favorite. Excellent combination of the black and blue! And I love the way you tied the scarf!

Wednesday is just lovely... Such a pretty dress that looks ridiculously (yet very fashionably!) comfortable!

Thursday is AWESOME. I love all of those colors together and I think all of it fits you perfectly!

Anonymous said...

I second E, I love the color combo going on here! Also, your apartment looks like so much fun!

Emily Kennedy said...

This tunic is the perfect Audi green. Especially perfect due to the covered buttons. I think it also be fab over a navy cap sleeve tee.