Thursday, July 3, 2008


The underutilized garment featured in this outfit is the full length slip, which is barely visible above the neckline of the tank and below the hem of the skirt. Since the skirt is cut shorter in the front, the slip peeks out and adds some interest to the outfit. The tank and cardigan are from La Redoute, skirt from Lemon Twist, and shoes by Pink Studio.

I've seen a lot of Wardrobe Remixers wear a skirt and slip like this with knee high socks or stockings, but I think that's one trend I have to write off as being not age-appropriate. Granted, I probably wear a lot of stuff that some might say is not age-appropriate, but even I have a line I won't cross, and apparently knee highs with a short skirt is it. I think it looks fantastic on women in their 20's, though.

I want to adore these shoes, but they absolutely killed my feet all day. I'm hoping that as they are new, they'll break in eventually, but I'm not altogether confident that they will. I have yet to find a pair of flats that are truly comfortable. They either rub the back of my heel, pinch the top of my foot, or make my feet cramp up after walking on them. These lovely little torture devices did all three. I'll be sure to wear them again when I get to thinking I lead too cushy of a life.


Anonymous said...

Seriously, I hate flats too! With my pinky toe trouble this week I have been forced to wear flat sandals and my feet have been more uncomfortable than if I had worn heels! Its too bad too because yours are really cute. Love the colors and the floral pattern!

Emily Kennedy said...

Dude, flat shoes that hurt your feet are EVIL. All the more evil if they look cute. EVIL I SAY.