Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Today's outfit features a real rarity for me: thrifted items. Now I actually enjoy thrift shopping quite a bit, it's just that here in San Francisco people are so fervent about it that the selection is usually very picked over by the time I ever make it to the stores. This town is loaded with savvy thrift shoppers who leave me in the dust; however, every now and then I do come across a few good finds, and these 2 tops are among them.

When I found the floral drape-neck tank, I immediately thought of pairing it with this skirt by Mac & Jac. The patterns are made up of many of the same colors, though the pattern of the top is simpler and more crisp. They are dangerously close to clashing when placed side by side; adding the sheer top and belt broke up the patterns just enough.

I liked the softness of the butter yellow belt with the cream top. In an effort to prevent the outfit from looking too precious, I added my Betsey Johnson skull jewelry and left the scarf looking a little rumpled. The 2-tone pumps by Anne Klein added a little splash of unexpected color; it's hard to tell here, but if you take a closer look you can see that they're raspberry and orange.


Anonymous said...

Thrifting in SF - that could be a full time job! I have only been out there once, but it is such a charismatic city. It is definitely on my list of places to visit again soon.

When I first saw this pic, I thought you had layered over a dress, but upon closer inspection saw the two varying prints. I love it! I think the pops of pink/raspberry, yellow and orange totally work.

Audi said...

If you do come out to SF, we have definitely got to spend a day shopping!

Jane said...

I am inspired. I am off to my local charity shop (thrift store).
I have pledged to buy no new clothes for a year but I see charity shop buys as making a donation to charity!

The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Wow, what a gorgeous outfit! Besides thrift stores, keep an eye out for garage sales. That's where I buy most of my clothes--takes a bit of time (couple of hours on Saturday morning) but the prices are incredible, and I find more clothes than I can wear!

E said...

Oh I think this is just awesome. I love those two prints together and those shoes are flippin' amazing!

Alli said...

I would never be so bold as to pair these prints... in fact, it would never even have crossed my mind! Great outfit, love those pops of color.