Monday, July 14, 2008


Friday's outfit proves that with the right accessories, it's possible to pair just about any 2 colors. Mustard yellow and pale pink does not readily come to mind as a fantastic combination, but I started playing around with it anyway, and when I pulled this scarf out of the closet I realized it has the very same colors woven in. I like all the muted tones together, and the green jacket adds the required color intensity to keep the outfit from looking too bland.

The yellow tee is from H&M, jacket from Forever 21, skirt from Noa Noa, shoes by Azul. The scarf is from a local import store and the brooch that's keeping the scarf draped just so is an Etsy purchase from The Vintage Brooch Company.

I just love wearing tulle. It makes a lovely swishing sound and looks so soft and feminine; however if you wear it with too many layers it can easily cause you to overheat. I once wore a wool skirt with a tulle petticoat to the opera, and it got so warm up in the balcony area that when I bent over to grab my purse and stood up too quickly I fainted. I was actually fairly excited by the whole episode when I realized that the last time someone swooned at the opera while wearing tulle was probably in the 18th century.


Londyn said...

Great mix of colors! I've never tried that combo!

E said...

This is a FABULOUS color combination!!!

Alli said...

Great outfit, and your opera story made me laugh out loud.