Thursday, July 31, 2008

Shoe Haiku

Why, oh why must new shoes always be so uncomfortable? I don't remember these pumps being quite so torturous the first time I wore them, but today, the second time, they absolutely killed. They rubbed the tops of my toes, they rubbed the backs of my heels, they rubbed the sides of my feet. But hey, after awhile they also made my feet go numb, so I couldn't feel how much skin was being rubbed off! Way to go, Modern Vintage!

Sigh. I will of course wear these again, and again, and suffer through the painful breaking-in process because (a) the shoes are exquisitely beautiful and (b) I paid a small fortune for them. I also wrote them a haiku today:

Modern Vintage pumps
Oh the exquisite torture!
Won't you break in soon?

Ahem. On to the rest of the outfit. This is another that I had to throw together in the morning, not having had the time this week for my usual wardrobe planning. This is an example of spending an inordinate amount of time on an outfit I ended up not being entirely happy with, and not just because of the shoe discomfort. For some reason I just wasn't getting the look I wanted, though I do like the color combination. I was really hoping to pull together a more Jackie O.-inspired creation by building upon this little teal skirt from Anthropologie, but I never quite got there. Maybe next time.

The purple top is a cast-off from my sister, and the cardigan is unknown, because I cut the uncomfortable label out of it. The scarf is by Anne Klein and the tights are some I bought at Monsoon in Copenhagen a couple years ago. This delicious little teal clutch and yellow lacquer brooch are two more of my great finds from Minneapolis last weekend. The clutch is by Tracy Reese and is made of super-soft patent leather. I found it at Saks Off 5th on Nicollette Mall, where they happened to be offering an additional 20% off all purchases that day. It was a great deal but still a little pricey, which led me to ponder the fact that a lot of items in my wardrobe could best be described by Dustin Hoffman's character in Rain Man: "About a hundred dollars."


Ally said...

I'd never know you didn't plan all these great outfits! Another great look.

I LOVE that clutch - LOVE IT!

Fashion in the Sky said...

I love your blog! Your style is so quirky, but you pull everything off so wonderfully!

Leslie said...

WHat fun colors!! I love wearing those colors together myself and havent in a while. May have to copy you next week!

By the way--I bought some Big Sexy hairspray this evening--gonna try it out. I've been using Herbal Essence volumizing spray (only non-premium product I dont use) so why not upgrade my hairspray too?!?!?! Ill let you know the outcome!

Anonymous said...

Pretty lady, you rock the colors and patterns so well! I love seeing what you come up with. As for that clutch - it is to die for!!! Love it!