Monday, July 14, 2008


When I put away this cropped tartan jacket after the last time I wore it, I randomly hung it up next to this black and white floral top. I noticed that the mix of patterns contrasted nicely, so I kept the two items paired in my closet until I was ready to wear the jacket again. This is something that happens quite a bit, where I will accidentally create combinations based on random proximity of items.

This kind of haphazardly-tied look for a scarf is quite popular in San Francisco; in fact, scarves in general have to be one of the most oft-used accessories in this town. I was never a big scarf-wearer until I moved here and realized that even on sunny days, the ocean breezes are cool enough that a scarf makes the difference between Slightly Chilly and Perfectly Comfortable. On foggy days when the damp air seeps through to your very bones, a scarf means your teeth won't be chattering while you're ordering your double latte at the Blue Bottle coffee stand.

The jacket is from A. Byer, floral top and scarf from H&M, cropped pants from La Redoute, shoes from Bobbi Blue. I have to admit I'm pleasantly surprised with how comfortable these flats have turned out to be. Though I'm generally not a big fan of flats for comfort reasons, they definitely have their purpose, and I've recently broken down and bought a couple of pairs. These seemed a little dicey the first time I wore them, but have broken in quite well after just 3 wears.


Jane said...

Love the look. I really enjoy reading the "behind the scenes" thoughts that go into putting your look together.
I think it means what I have always suspected, that there is no such thing as effortless style.

Audi said...

I'm glad you enjoy the backstories. For me it's helpful just to know what my processes are, so that I can employ them again when they work out well. I agree there is no such thing as effortless style; if you throw on any old thing it will look like you did just that. I do think it gets a whole lot easier when you figure out how to organize your closet to best suit your strategy, though. Obviously for me, there's a certain inspiration that comes from not putting things back in the same place every time; for other people it may prove helpful to organize clothing by color or some other criteria. I'd love to hear if anyone else has ways of organizing their wardrobe that help in putting outfits together.

Leslie said...

Your patterns together are so cute! I still don't feel like I have an "eye" for pattern mixing yet so i love it when I see someone pull off a great pattern mix that I like!