Tuesday, July 8, 2008


This blue shirtdress is one of the purchases from my weekend Forever 21 shopping trip. I've been wanting a shirtdress for quite some time, but I find that a lot of them have arms that are just long enough to restrict movement. This one is lightweight, comfortable, and allows for full arm extension, although there's no way it could be worn as a dress unless you don't mind the front blowing wide open in the lightest of breezes. I've already got a few more ideas for different ways I'm going to wear it, none of which is as a peek-a-boo dress.

The capri leggings are from Kersh, scarf from Ralph Lauren, belt from the Red Dress Shoppe, and shoes by Bobbi Blu. The incredibly gorgeous necklace is a recent Etsy find, and is made from a vintage brooch.

Whenever I mix 2 colors that are difficult to pair, such as this dark blue and black combo, I always like to include some contrasty patterns so that the mix of colors looks doesn't come off looking unintentional. I thought this navy scarf was perfect, but it was far too hot today to wrap it around my neck; instead, I tied knots in the ends to weigh it down and make it hang properly. It's a very low maintenance way to wear a big long scarf like this one.


Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous, Audi! I love the mix of blue and black! Yesterday when I wore my shirt dress I had to walk holding my purse down in front of me so it wouldn't blow open. Luckily, I had a close parking spot!
As for your necklace - I absolutely adore it. So, so wonderful!

Jane said...

YOur outfit looks great. I have tried shirt dresses but I just don't seem to have the right shape for them.

Leslie said...

I really enjoy the black and blue together--its a combination I'm just now working on and trying to incorporate more. Im insanely jealous your shirtdress looks so cute on you--for some reason, I have trouble wearing anything "wrap"-ish.

Side note, I need to see your belt up close--and know where it's from because I really like it!

Audi said...

Leslie --

Actually, I often have problems with wrap tops as well, because I don't have the required cleavage to really fill them out. This one just worked for whatever reason. So, don't give up on them!

The belt is from http://reddressshoppe.com; it's still available through them. It looks as great up close as it does in the picture; I totally love it.