Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Today was one of those days when I just didn't want to believe it could be this cold in July, so I dressed for normal summer weather and hoped for the best. Big mistake. No matter, as at least I managed to root out two very underutilized items for this one: the dress and the vest.

The dress is by Tulle; I like it a lot, with the interesting pattern arrangement and the tiny gold threads that run through the fabric. However I don't love it, which is probably why I don't wear it more. It just looks a tad boring, so I think a modification or two might give it the oomph I'm looking for. I'm thinking I may add an embellishment along the hemline to pop the color a little; perhaps some tulle or eyelet lace. Ideas would be most appreciated.

The denim vest is by Anoname, and is one I picked up several years ago at a little boutique in the Haight that's no longer open. I don't much like the way it looks when buttoned, so I left it open to show a peek of the red belt underneath (the dress comes with a matching belt, but I think it looks too bland). The shoes are by Camper, and I'm not sure who made the hat. I loved how my orangesicle toes matched my shoes today.

Georgie really wanted to be in the photo today, but then apparently got so bored by the whole process that she yawned and walked away. I love how the picture turned out though.


E said...

I flippin' LOVE that dress. The blue necklace adds so much to it! Perhaps adding blue to the hemline would make it pop more? I'm a huge sucker for blue/orange combinations anyway, so that might just be me!

Georgie is so adorable!!!

Jessica said...

I love that dress too! I love the pattern and the color!

Jane said...

I love the dress to but tulle may be cool!