Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Off Kilter

This week I'm a bit off kilter, since I didn't have my normal Sunday night wardrobe planning session. Today's outfit was thrown together this morning, so I used this little sundress as my starting point, since dresses are easier to design around. Since a dress already has the top and bottom built in, there are fewer possible combinations and therefore less time is spent agonizing about the different possibilities, or at least for me that's the case.

This dress is by Crystal Candy and is one I got for a steal on sale at Lady Language. Since the top is really cut for a bustier frame, I added a tank underneath and this cardigan by Kersh. The leggings are also by Kersh and the t-strap pumps are by Gabriella Rocha. The belt came with a top I got at Forever 21.


Jane said...

I love the layered effect and the boldness with the colours.
A great look.

Crimzen Creative said...

Wow! You are a master with the layering. I would not have thought to do this with that dress. Bravo!

Silvia Hoefnagels . Salix Tree said...

Adorable look. just discovered your blog amongst others of women's daily outfits. I like yours, very original, quirky and cute. Loving the colors you put together too.

Emily Kennedy said...

Totally love the dress, and the belt and sweater you chose to mix with it. Super cute.