Monday, July 21, 2008

Nerd Girl

Today's outfit was built entirely around these shoes, which I found at a thrift store for $4 over the weekend. They have a nerdy appeal that I thought I could play upon by adding some argyle and plaid.

This argyle vest is from A. Byer. Originally it came with a fake button-down shirt sewn in, which I thought was really dumb, particularly since the collar stuck out in a weird way and the tails of the shirt didn't really lay flat. I like the vest part though, so I cut the collar, tails, and sleeves of the faux shirt out and layered the vest over this Guess shirt, which actually fits me. Cropped pants by Poleci, shoes by No Boundaries.

Another great find over the weekend was this cute brooch, which I picked up at the Alemany flea market along with a bunch of other great stuff. The brooch only set me back $5 after a bit of bargaining. Also among my purchases were a couple of pairs of clip-on earrings, which I plan on turning into cardigan clips using Kasmira's instructions.


Jane said...

I love the look and I really like the idea of cutting out the faux shirts form those combined shirt.vest outfits. I hate the rigidty of those fixed items.
The green accessories are lovely, I love the vintage look.
I invested in a jewellery making kit after reading Kasmira's blog about the cardigan clips. Yesterday my daughter and I made lots of ear-rings. I am wearing a pair she made for me today.

E said...

The tuxedo stripe down the pants is awesome! Love the vest (I have a mad thing for argyle which will be showcased this fall and winter, I imagine...), and I would have done the same thing, cutting the fake shirt out. Those things are totally dumb.

Anonymous said...

I love the plaid paired with the argyle and tuxedo stripes. I love the punch of green with it also. You are so friggin' cute and fun looking!