Friday, July 11, 2008

Michael Stars

Kasmira posted a comment to yesterday's blog asking me if Michael Stars shirts really live up to the hype. I thought I'd respond out here in Blogland because I thought other people might have the same question, and because it's something I do have very definite opinions about.

I'll start off by saying that although I rarely bat an eye at splurging on great articles of clothing, I wouldn't really consider myself someone who's willing to drop $40-50 on a t-shirt, and I never buy things based on the name on the label. When I first saw Michael Stars' shirts, I thought they were great, if only they were about half the price. Then I found a little ecru drape-neck tank on the sale rack at one of my local boutiques, and snapped it up for about $20. I've since gotten so much mileage out of that tank that if I found another one like it, I would gladly fork over the full retail price. The shirts are great because they are figure-hugging without ever feeling tight, and the sparkly texture makes them look dressier than regular jersey tees.

One thing I'll say about Michael Stars shirts is that they really are designed for layering, and should not be worn solo. The stretchy, lightweight fabric clings to the body, and though they're not exactly transparent, they do show off everything including the dimple where your bellybutton is and every ridge of the lacy detailing on your bra. If you're looking to buy some and want to be judicious with your purchases (and at $45 a pop, who wouldn't?), then make sure to carefully consider the colors and cuts that will give you the most layering potential. If you want it as a top layer, then choose a v-neck or scoop neck with short sleeves; if you're looking for a basic bottom layer, then consider a crewneck with 3/4 sleeves. Drape neck tops can function really well as either a top or bottom layer.

A final thought about these shirts: because they come in only one size they make a fantastic gift, particularly for those friends who are constantly going on crash diets and whose correct clothing size is as elusive as the Loch Ness Monster.


Leslie said...

I don't know how but I've never heard of these shirts. I'll have to check them out!

Londyn said...

So cute. BYW -- Just found your blog and I love your style!

Linking you! :)

Emily Kennedy said...

GREAT review. So true. They are way high quality and definitely worth owning. Nonetheless, choose wisely, they come with a few constraints.