Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Today's outfit features another Forever 21 find from last weekend: this sheer floral top. What really sold me on it was the belt, which is a great accessory by itself. I can also imagine a lot of other ways to wear this top; for $22.80, I'd say this was a good purchase. In fact, everything I bought there over the weekend was under $30.

I got this dress at J. Crew before they got so ridiculously expensive. It has a very full skirt and a fitted, sleeveless bodice; by itself it has a 1950's sundress feel. Adding the sheer top, sandals, and turquoise/shell jewelry gave it more of a relaxed look. Today I tried layering a couple of necklaces to add a little more complexity to the outfit. The sandals are by Sofft and are wonderfully comfortable.

The best thing about this dress is that it has pockets. It makes me feel like one of those fabulous 50's housewives who'd get dressed up to go grocery shopping. In the pocket she'd have her list of things to buy: laundry starch, pot roast, Pond's night cream, bobby pins. Later that night she'd have friends over for cocktails and bridge, and she'd bring out one of those wheeled cocktail servers, complete with ice bucket and matching tongs. Ah, what I wouldn't give to have hostessing skills like they did back then.


Jane said...

I love this look, it has given me some great ideas.

Jessica said...

I love the combination here!

Anonymous said...

Great layering! And you are so right - that belt will be awesome with a multitude of things!