Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fresh Ink

Today I decided I needed to boost the color quotient, since my earlier outfits this week have been comprised mostly of neutrals. My original starting point for this outfit began with the random proximity of this cropped vest by Hale Bob with a different teal top, but since that one didn't work out I ended up with this long teal t-shirt instead. Not content with wearing one simple t-shirt, I layered on this gathered v-neck tee from H&M for more of a colorblock effect. The orange skirt is from Sunhee Moon.

I picked up these Nine West slingbacks recently at a thrift store for $10. They show zero signs of wear and indeed have probably never been worn at all, since they still had the original tags on them (original price: $69.99!). Normally I'm not a huge fan of slingbacks but these are surprisingly comfortable and don't dig into the backs of my heels at all.

As I described in yesterday's post, I pick out the week's outfits in advance. Usually I'll have some idea of the order in which I'll wear them, which is generally based on the weather forecast, how much walking I'll need to do that day, or other factors such as important meetings or presentations. Today I had another factor to consider: after work I have an appointment for a new tattoo. Since it will be on my thigh just above the knee, I wanted to wear a skirt with no hose or leggings. It's not often you hear about designing an outfit for a tattoo appointment, but there you go. I'm tempted to say this will be my final tattoo, but I'm pretty sure I said that the last time around, so I'll refrain.

Coincidentally, Bits & Bobbins posted an item recently about tattoos and posed the question of whether or not people consider them when they dress. For me I'd say the answer is generally no; in fact I often forget I have them and am sometimes taken aback when people stop me to ask about them. I do consider them when I'm shopping, however, and have sometimes rejected an item if it cuts across any of my tattoos in a funky way. In general I'd prefer to show the whole thing or none of it, with the exception of the snake tattoo on my shoulder, which I allow to peek discreetly out from under many of my tops. I'll try to post some photos of the new design tomorrow, although fresh ink looks vastly different from what the final result will be.


E said...

I loooooove all the colors!!

Leslie said...

These colors all look great together!! Take pictures to show us the new tattoo!

Jean said...

Wow, a very colourful outfit - but you pull it off very well!