Thursday, June 12, 2008


I liked the purple, teal, and yellow outfit from Monday so much that I decided to play with that color combo again. This time the teal and yellow are fairly subtle, the teal being incorporated into the cropped vest and the yellow in the skirt pattern. I like the way the two patterns came together; I've paired this vest with other patterns before, and I think it works well because the pattern on the vest is colorful without being so bold that it overwhelms the more subtle repeat of the skirt.

The vest is by Hale Bob, top from Sisley, skirt by Max Studio. The jeweled sandals, by Azura, were recently purchased from; this is the first time I've worn them. I was wanting a pair of brown sandals with heels, but decided the bronze would fulfill the same function and be a little flashier. This purple top, with its corset-like cut and criss-cross straps, is definitely TSFW (Too Sexy For Work); wearing something over it is a must.

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Anonymous said...

This outfit is great! I love the mix of patterns, colors and all of the extra "details". I think you are right on with those sandals, still a neutral but so much more fun than basic brown ones!