Monday, June 2, 2008

Sick Day

Today a nasty sinus headache brought on by allergies kept me at home, so instead of pictures of me, today you get to look at the little project I did over the weekend. I put up these Blik wall decals to spice up my otherwise rather bland off-white walls. Since I don't own my apartment it doesn't make a lot of sense for me to go to all the effort of painting, much as I'd like some more color on the walls. However these decals are the perfect solution -- they're a snap to put up, and come off just as easily.

The package of decals came with enough pieces for 2 separate installations, one on either side of the room. My place is a large studio with one room that functions as both living room and bedroom. I also have a separate dining room and kitchen, large entry hall (where I'm usually posing for my work outfit photos), plus 3 (three!) walk-in closets, which of course is what sold me on the apartment.

I love how it turned out! I'm going to try to figure out how to use them in the kitchen next, albeit with a different pattern and colors.


E said...

I absolutely love the decorating you've done! Those bamboo shoots are perfect! Also, what you've got both behind and around your bed make me drool... Those clocks? Come on! Awesome stuff.

Audi said...

Thanks! I sort of have a thing for clocks. By the way, those are the mirror tiles I thought would look great in your hallway.

Kasmira said...

You're on my blogroll, now. (I finally updated it, after at least 2 months!)

Anonymous said...

Your place is fantastic! The clocks, the suitcases, the stacks of books, that fantastic "Jazz" art piece - all of it is great. Thanks for the link for the Blik Decals. Those are great. I am starring at a blank wall right now that needs some Blik Love!