Thursday, June 5, 2008


This evening I'm flying up to Portland, OR for my sister's graduation, so I wanted an outfit that would be comfortable for traveling. The mod colorblock tunic top is from the Red Dress Shoppe, and is lightweight, swingy and soft. The skirt is from Lemon Twist, and the boots are Bata. It's another day that requires tights; sunny but a little too cold for bare legs. Over the tights I have a pair of striped knee high socks for a little extra color. The hat is from a shop in Hamburg, Germany and the scarf is from a local import store.

There will be no work outfit tomorrow, since I'll be hanging out with the family, but if my sisters will oblige I may post some pictures of us all dressed up for the graduation ceremony. My sisters are significantly younger than I, 18 and 21, and are a couple of stylish ladies. I can't wait to see them!

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E said...

You look so fun and spunky! I always feel pretty Mod when I wear colorblock, too. Have a great trip!