Monday, June 30, 2008


On Saturday I had 2 events to attend, for which I wore variations on the same outfit. First up was a birthday party for Mark, a wonderful, adorable guy I just started seeing a couple of weeks ago. We really seem to click and I'm super excited about the whole thing, and well, he's probably going to read this so perhaps I shouldn't say too much. Trust me, he's awesome, and I'll undoubtedly be mentioning him again. Anyway, this is what I wore to his party. I wanted to look cute without being overly dressed up, so I put together this combo of jeans and mixed neutrals, with a few accessories to add some flash.

The black drape-neck top is from Sunhee Moon and the khaki top is by Susina. The scarf is Banana Republic, the jeans are Lucky, and the shoes are by Bobbi Blu. I paired the striped shoes with some zigzag socks for a little fun pattern mixing. The belt is a dark brown faux-croc, which added another mix of patterns with the scarf draped alongside.

Next up was an engagement dinner party for my best friend Laura, who's appeared on this blog before. The bride and groom-to-be took the entire wedding party to dinner at a very nice Vietnamese restaurant in the SoMa neighborhood, so I needed something dressier than jeans. First I tried just swapping the jeans for a skirt and adding some fun patterned stockings, but I felt that the flats were still too casual, so I traded them for boots.

I adore these boots from Modern Vintage. They were ridiculously expensive and a splurge I didn't really need to make, however I've gotten a lot of use out of them and they're remarkably comfortable. I just love the cuffed tops; they remind me of pirate boots. Also of note with this outfit was the fact that the tops of the stockings had a little touch of purple, and although nobody could see them, I like the fact that they matched with the purple under-layer of the skirt.


Anonymous said...

I really, really like both of these combos. I love how the color palette is subdued, yet full of interesting patterns and textures. Glad to read you have an awesome guy ~ there really aren't enough of those around!

E said...

Those tights are incredible! Love the pirate boots. And I'm so very excited about your awesome guy!!

Emily Kennedy said...

Oooh! First mention of Mark! He he. It's so cute knowing how now he's all in! Great outfit that you wore to his birthday. Very cute.