Wednesday, June 18, 2008


This dress is actually a mistake. I had ordered a completely different one from La Redoute, but they sent me this instead. Once I tried it on I really liked it, so here it is, making its debut. I gave it a more structured look by adding this blue obi belt from Sunhee Moon, and blue t-straps by Paulo.

To keep me warm in chilly meeting rooms today, I took along this cropped black cardigan from Old Navy. The cardigan by itself is pretty boring, but I like the shape of it and it's light enough to wear indoors. Awhile back I decided to give it a little edginess by sewing on a skull patch I got in Reykjavik at a store called Dead. The motto around the edge reads, "One who fears death does not enjoy life." I thought it was an interesting counterpoint to the cute floral pattern of the dress.


Leslie said...

Cute dress! I love "mistakes" like that!

M said...

I like the combination of the pink dress with navy accessories (the belt and the shoes). The obi belt looks great, to me that is interesting enough!

Anonymous said...

Alisson: (

Hi, please help me

I would like to know which brand of black cardigan that has this skull with the phrase "one who does not Fears death enjoy life." Because I'm looking for a Blaser see photo on the link

Very Thanks
Take Care