Monday, June 16, 2008


Today's outfit, being lighter in color, necessitated a background that would offer a little contrast. My apartment offers few options, but I like how the martini picture complements the red and camel outfit. The red top is from Anne Taylor, cardigan from La Redoute, skirt from H&M, and boots from Bata. The bag is from Lucky Brand and the jewelry was a gift from a friend. I like the detailing on this lightweight cardigan, particularly the scalloped sleeves.


Anonymous said...

My dining room has martini art in it also! I need to get more creative with my picture taking, but at 7 am I just go with what I know (I need to scout it out the night before) - enough of my rambling. This outfit (while subdue for you) is great. All of the little details (sweater detailing, necklace and earrings) really make it something special.

E said...

Pretty, pretty sweater! And great idea to stand next to green: complimentary shades rock! That's why I wear green so often :)