Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tribute to a Teal Belt

I've gotten a lot of mileage out of this teal belt, and I haven't even owned it very long. Which makes me wonder, whatever did I do without it? I've now paired it with just about every imaginable color from purple to orange to this khaki green and pink outfit. It's well made and comfy, and it only cost me about $12 at Therapy, one of my favorite local clothing stores.

These vinyl (or whatever they're made out of) belts tend not to be very durable, I've found. A couple others of mine are starting to get a bit ragged from doubling them back through the buckle. This one is superior in construction because it's stitched around the edges, and because the buckle has no exposed metal and is thus gentler on the belt when you pull it through. I also love the quilted look of it.

The khaki top is from Susina, cropped white pants from La Redoute, and sandals by Stuart Weizman.

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Leslie said...

cute look! And I like the quilting on the belt--gives a nice extra touch. But like you, Im always frustrated by how these belts seem to fall apart so quickly. Just when Im starting to figure out everything I can wear it with, it breaks or just looks ragged!