Thursday, June 26, 2008


This dress is actually not a dress at all, but a skirt. Although the fabric and texture are lovely, and although it's from Ralph Lauren and was undoubtedly very expensive, its near-ankle length makes me feel like a hippie, and I truly loathe hippie styles. The skirt was a gift from the crummy ex-boyfriend I've mentioned before; I seem to have had this problem a lot, where men I've dated try to dress me up in styles they prefer, rather than choosing something I'd like. They'd have been well advised to pay closer attention to my personal style, or else let me buy my own damn clothes. But I digress.

The skirt has hung in my closet, forlorn and looking like something Diane Keaton would've worn in the 60's, for many months now. Then a couple of weeks ago E inspired me to try simply hiking it up and wearing it as a dress. Voila! It is now the perfect length! I plan on making some modifications to it in order to permanently transform it into a dress, but for now I threw a shirt over it and belted the whole thing, which worked just fine.

The striped button-down is from Promod, and the sandals are by Sofft. I thought today's outfit was particularly inspired, but was surprised not to get so much as a single comment on it all day at work. I suspect that many of my nerdy colleagues simply didn't 'get' it. Between the pattern mixing, the combining different colors of blue, and the menswear-style shirt contrasted with the feminine dress, it was more than their scientifically savvy but fashionably retarded brains could deal with. However, vindication was mine this evening when, making a stop on the way home, a woman went into raptures about it in my local yarn store. When afterwards I was able to talk my way out of getting my car towed (oops, was that a 'no parking' sign behind that tree?), I figured I'd done well with the outfit.


Anonymous said...

I have a long black skirt that I was planning on doing this same thing with (also inspired by E), but can't locate it (I think I put it in storage, but haven't checked). I love this look! I have come to realize the less compliments I get at work the better my outfit is. I work with 70% men that I don't expect many compliment from and the rest is mid-50s women. Yesterday I received zero compliments on an outfit that I really liked and received a lot of compliments on through the blog and flickr. Then today when I didn't care for my lame-o outfit at all I got lots of compliments at work. Yay for you for sweet talking your way out of getting your car towed!

E said...

Aw, thanks for the shout-out! I think you look fantastically great! What a beautiful color on that skirt/dress! And I love the addition of the red belt... All-in-all, you look flippin' amazing. Glad you were able to get out of that car-towing!

And good for you for sticking up for yourself when people try to dress you. Sometimes it's hard to maintain who you are when you're trying to make someone happy, but I'm glad you ditched the crummy dude and made something that was HIS preference into your own creation! You look just great.

Jessica said...

I love this look and I totally love the idea! Awesome!

And I can totally relate. I have an ex who wanted to buy me sweatshirts for Christmas as my gift because heaven forbid other men see my figure. He was nutso anyway. Good riddance! I haven't been able to bring myself to wear some of the other things he gave me that I never wanted or asked for.

Emily Kennedy said...

Modding the skirt to make it permanently a dress that you'll get some use out of is such a good way to take ownership of an item and make it into something that you want, rather than what someone else wants for you.