Tuesday, June 24, 2008


This top is so stretchy and comfortable; it feels a lot like bathing suit fabric. Perhaps this is what inspired me to go with a tousled, beachy hairdo today.

Surprisingly, mussed up hair is a lot more difficult to achieve than perfectly-groomed styles. I used to not be able to do it at all until my hairdresser taught me the trick. I'd read in various fashion mags that you're supposed to crunch your hair as you're drying it; what those mags don't tell you is that it really only works when you have curly or wavy hair. My hair is naturally straight; the texture and random waves produced by crunching fall out if I so much as look at it wrong. The trick my hairdresser taught me is to get the hair very hot with the blowdryer, grab a section and crunch it, but don't let go until the hair cools. That way the waves are "set" before you let gravity start working against you. Once it's all dry I add a little texturing paste, then spray on a little hairspray and crunch it some more while the hairspray is still wet.

The green halter top by is by Ktoo (via The Red Dress Shoppe), black shrug by Weston Wear, skirt from an unknown manufacturer, shoes by Camper. Clearly there's no way I can get away with wearing this top at work without the shrug, and even then I think it might be pushing the envelope a little, but such is my way. I wish I could find more shrugs like this; it's lightweight and sheer, and adds just the right finishing touch without completely covering what's underneath. This would be an ideal outfit for going out straight after work, as all I'd have to do is remove the shrug. It also has to be one of the most comfortable ensembles ever.

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