Tuesday, June 10, 2008


We're in for a good long stretch of fine summer weather here in San Francisco; the next 10 days are forecasted as being sunny and in the low 70's, which I'd consider to be just about perfect. I've gone bare-limbed today with this strapless top from Mica, topped with a light cardigan from Solemio. This is the second of my strapless tops, which I've discussed at some length before. I'll just state for the record that I would never wear this top without something over it, as I find it terribly unflattering.

The linen skirt, which I've had for years, is from Eddie Bauer, which I wouldn't really consider to be the height of fashion. However it's a great basic, and pairs well with lots of colors. The 2-tone pumps, which I'm completely smitten with, are from Anne Klein and are a recent purchase from Endless.com.


The Cocoa Goddess said...

Oh, the shoes are darling!

E said...

I love everything about this. Sweet tat!!

Anonymous said...

Those shoes are amazing! I wore a raspberry & orange tunic on Tuesday - it is a great color combo.