Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Art Nouveau

Today's outfit was clearly retro-inspired, though none of the pieces is vintage. The top is from a local designer called Porcelynne, who unfortunately closed her shop a few months ago. The skirt is from Noa Noa, as are the tights, which really aren't tights anymore but rather stockings. Since I bought them abroad I had a bit of trouble with the sizing, and when I got them home I realized they were way too short. In order to salvage them I cut the legs off; they stay up pretty well just folded at the top, but I also use sock garters just in case. I find they're a lot more comfortable than tights, and since tulle is pretty warm, they work well under this and my other tulle skirts.

The shoes are John Fluevog, and the hat is from a fantastic hat shop in Salzburg, Austria. The shop is SO fantastic that during my last trip to Europe I made a detour to Salzburg just to go there. The earrings are from Prague, where you could spend all day, as well as all your savings, buying art nouveau jewelry.

Finally, the scarf is from Banana Republic. I love the texture contrast between it and the top.

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