Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mixing Patterns

This is something that took me a long time to get over: mixing different patterns together. Then I started taking courses in interior design and learned that many of the same principles can be applied to putting together outfits. In a room you can pair, say, a simple stripe pattern with a complicated floral. Generally, you'd let the floral dominate in terms of complexity and choose a stripe pattern with some of the same colors, but not all of them. I've used the same approach here; the cropped vest includes brown, orange, green, teal, and a dash of magenta. The abstract pattern of the vest is toned down by the geometrical pattern of the pants, which include only the brown and teal colors. Finally, there's yet another pattern in the orange tank, however the subtlety of the pattern and also the fact that it's a simple uniform repeat prevents it from clashing with the others. The pattern is in fact tiny skulls, which I think is fantastic. It appeals to my inner Harajuku girl.
The cropped vest is by Hale Bob, teal t-shirt from H&M, tank by Chloe K, pants from H&M, and shoes by Born.


Alli said...

Great rules for mixing patterns... this outfit turned out very pulled-together, but still fun and funky!

(As you've probably guessed, I'm starting at the beginning and reading my way up to the present. I LOVE your style, and didn't want to miss anything!)

Emily Kennedy said...

Really lovely pattern mix. An interior design class sounds like a brilliant idea! I have pattern mixing fears myself. Although, gosh, maybe it's bigger, like a phobia: I own mostly solids!