Friday, May 2, 2008

Questionable Nylons

I'm not sure how I feel about these coffee-colored nylons, but I put them on because they met 2 important requirements: they were clean and they had no runs in them. It's possible that they looked a lot worse from my vantage point (i.e., looking down my legs at them), but to me they seemed far too dark. Not that it matters now, as I managed to run them during the day and thus destine them for the trash. As for the rest of the outfit, the burgundy top is from Anne Taylor, waistcoat from Benetton, skirt from Sunhee Moon, and shoes from Steve Madden. The jewelry is from a local import store. I absolutely love the waistcoat; it goes with so many outfits and gives anything a polished, tailored look.

Also, new background today! I figured the books were a good match with the nerdy theme of the blog, and anyway I've gotten tired of posing in my entry hall. Living as I do in a small apartment, my choices for photo settings are very limited. I'm also still experimenting with the camera settings.


Emily Kennedy said...

Your two Sunhee Moon skirts are really so cool. Man. I used to live in the Mission, and I've never heard of the place, but that was six years ago, and I wouldn't have had the budget anyway. Regardless, they are really fab.

Also, I adore the book background. But your now trademark sunny yellow is lovely as well.

Anonymous said...

I like your nylons they look good the color is soft and makes your legs look great.