Sunday, May 11, 2008

Isadora Duncan

I think I'm starting to feel okay about wearing these short boots with skirts. I didn't think twice about it when I put them on; the last time I wore them with a dress I agonized over it for about 15 minutes before I actually left the house.

The teal t-shirt is from H&M, and unfortunately I'm not sure who made the skirt, tank, or scarf. The boots are by Art Shoes, and the tights are from Falke. The jewelry is from a local import store. This is a great outfit for windy days, since both the skirt and the scarf are made from lightweight fabrics that flutter in the breeze in an elegant way. However, when I wear long scarves I'm occasionally reminded of how Isadora Duncan met her untimely end, which is really not a very pleasant thought.


Candice DeVille said...

I was trying to figure out if they were boots of spats. Either way, they are very cute. You've got some fabulous outfits here and have a really talent for putting things together.

Angie said...

I thought I was the only one going paranoid about long scarf so I never really shared the thought.I'm a fellow blogger from Greece and i really like your style and the way you write about things.Keep going