Friday, May 2, 2008

Close Call With a Bad Hair Day

I'm never quite sure how to take comments like, "Wow, you're so colorful today!" or, "You look so spring-y!" My self-assured, confident self translates such remarks to, "You look great! I wish I knew how to wear something besides gray and black!" whilst my insecure side translates them to, "It looks like Bozo the Clown just threw up on you." For this outfit, my confident side prevailed.

The sparkly tee is from Michael Stars. O Michael, let me count the ways that I love thy shirts: One; they have a shimmery texture that makes them far dressier than a plain tee. Two; they come in loads of different colors and styles, which change every season. Three; they are super stretchy and comfortable. SO stretchy and comfortable that they come only in "One size fits most," and how brilliant is that? I vamped this one up by adding some flashy jewelry and a flower barrette.

In the interest of full disclosure, the barrette really only came about because I'm sadly in need of a haircut right now, and I was on the verge of having a really bad hair day. One side of my hair wanted to flip outwards, the other in. Rather than struggling with it, I decided to fight fire with fire and accentuate the asymmetry by clipping one side up.

The rest of the outfit: navy tee from H&M, jeans from Level 99, shoes by Gabriella Rocha. I wish I could remember the designer of the jewelry, but I purchased it a couple of years ago in a small boutique in the Haight which has since closed. The flower barrette is from a local vintage shop and the belt from an import store. Kasmira reminded me of the trick for tying these long belts; her full instructions are here.

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Alli said...

I love this whole outfit! And I particularly love how those earrings make your eyes sparkle.