Friday, May 30, 2008


I wore this outfit today because I figured it would work equally well for my date tonight; however, by the time I got to work this morning my date had emailed saying he was sick and had to cancel. I hope this guy doesn't turn out to be yet another flake. No matter, this just gives me an excuse to spend the evening with a bottle of wine, my dog, and a movie, which frankly sounds like a lot more fun.

This little mod black tunic is from H&M. I love the big open collar, though it does make this a rather challenging piece to wear. The collar sticks out quite a bit in the back and cannot be worn with any but the stoutest of coats, or else it pushes the coat out and makes me look like a hunchback. Thankfully the long-sleeved t-shirt underneath prevented me from needing any coat at all today. I got the scarf at Promod during my visit to Prague last year, and the jeans are by Joe's.

The sandals, by Camper, are yet another new pair; in fact, they just arrived yesterday from, along with 2 other new pairs that will be showcased in the near future. They are wonderfully comfortable and I'm already contemplating future purchases of Camper shoes. If you've been following this blog you will have no doubt concluded by now that I do a lot of shopping. This is true; I regularly spend heaps of money on myself and I don't feel one little bit guilty about it. Being single with no kids (now or ever), and having a great career that allows me to indulge my clotheshorse tendencies and passion for travel, my lifestyle can be accurately summed up in one word: fabulous.


Leslie said...

I LOVE this look!!!! I wear a lot of red and black (colors of my favorite sports team so I've built quite the wardrobe) but I've never thought of the turquoise accent! It's great and adds so much to the outfit

Alli said...

Super-cute scarf! How is that tied?

Audi said...

Alli: This is a tough one to explain, but I'll try. I start with this:

Then I adjust the scarf to the length I want, grab the loose ends, wrap them around the loop and back through. This creates a knot that holds the scarf in place and keeps it from tightening around your neck. Hope that makes sense!