Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Month of Shoes: Week 1

I'll kick off this blog with a summary of an experiment I've been trying; namely, to wear all of my work-worthy shoes, a different pair every day without repeating. Now, I own a LOT of shoes, and figuring out the best way to incorporate them all into different outfits was somewhat of a challenge. I managed to go an entire month of workdays without repeating once, which I thought was pretty impressive. I've been posting these on my Facebook page but finally decided to create this blog, so rather than go through each outfit description in exhaustive detail I'll just recap them briefly.

Week 1: The experiment kicked off on Tuesday, March 25 with a pair of blue t-straps by Paolo, followed by mary janes by Steve Maddon and John Fluevog, and my favorite pair of comfy boots from Bata. At this point I was also experimenting with the setup and settings on my camera, so the photo quality isn't so great for some of these.

I'll go ahead and state right now that I'm a terrible bargain shopper, and rarely have any luck finding anything at thrift stores. The first 2 outfits pictured above came mainly from local boutiques, while the second and third came from a very pricey store in Copenhagen called Noa Noa, at which I have left a lot of my hard-earned and disadvantageously-converted US dollars.

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