Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Three days in Vegas takes its toll, and today's outfit was therefore thrown together with far less deliberation than I normally prefer. I went for a colorblock effect that think I may have disrupted by adding a patterned scarf. Nevertheless, I still managed to garner a couple of compliments, although with the way most people dress in my workplace that's not really saying much. The tank is from La Redoute, cardigan from H&M (freshly purchased over the weekend!) skirt by... er, I'm not sure. The shoes are Gabriella Rocha and the scarf was a gift ages and ages ago from my best friend. I think the year may have been 1990. Eep!

Friday Night in Vegas

Friday, April 25: Since I was flying out to Las Vegas directly after work that night, I decided to go all out with an extra cheeky outfit. The dress is by Orla Kiely, t-shirt from H&M, and boots by Art Shoes. This is the first time in my recollection that I've worn short boots with a dress, and I'm still a little uneasy about the concept. I'd love to hear what other people have to say on the subject.


Thursday, April 24: This wool tunic is from Promod in Prague, and it has a sort of Roman look that makes me feel like I ought to be wielding a sword. The scarf and t-shirt are from La Redoute, the skirt by a local designer called Lemon Twist. And yes, there are my Bata boots once again.

I loved the way this outfit looked once I put the coat on, so I decided to photograph it again, even though I was already running ridiculously late for work at this point. It's from Mango.


Wednesday, April 23: Believe it or not, these green jeans are by Dittos. Yes, THOSE Dittos, from the 70's, for those of you who are old enough to remember them. When I was a kid I had several pairs in colors like orange, blue, red... These I found new at a shop called Candystore in the Mission District. The striped shirt is from Promod, blue t-shirt by Aziz, and shoes by Born.

Coffee, tea, or...?

Tuesday, April 22: This outfit has a flight attendant feel to me, I guess because of the orange scarf. The shirt is by Michael Stars, the waistcoat by Guess, and the skirt from Sunhee Moon, a little boutique in the Mission District that sells delicious but oh-so-pricey fashions; shopping there must be done judiciously. The blue t-straps are from Paolo.

Purple Monday

Monday, April 21: Finally freed from my shoe constraints, I started the week with my old favorites, my Bata boots purchased while vacationing in Prague. The scarf is by Anne Klein, sweater by Ann Taylor, skirt from H&M. Barely visible are my cute new lace-topped socks that I found at sockdreams.com. I'm firmly of the opinion that especially for someone of my age (38), knee high socks must be worn with the utmost discretion. Here, hiding most of them beneath a pair of boots and a below-the-knee skirt did the trick.

A Month of Shoes: Week 4

The fourth and final week of my shoe-wearing marathon brought some blessedly warm weather, allowing me to bring out some of my sandals. The week started with shoes by Bronx, sandals by Anne Klein, Sofft, and Stuart Weizman, and wrapped up with pumps by BCBG Girls. This week's photos also highlighted my need to come up with some new poses. I'm still working on that one.

A Month of Shoes: Week 3

Week 3 of my experiment featured shoes by Born, John Fluevog, Cole Haan, boots by Modern Vintage, and more John Fluevogs.

A Month of Shoes: Week 2

Week 2 of my month-long shoe extravaganza ran as follows: Steve Madden, Mudd, Gabriella Rocha, Sofft, and another pair by Gabriella Rocha. Several of my fashion fixations emerge in this set of photos: hats, mary janes, and retro styles. On Tuesday I was sporting a look I dubbed Mod Nerd, while Thursday's outfit featured a 1930's vintage reproduction from the Red Dress Shoppe.

A Month of Shoes: Week 1

I'll kick off this blog with a summary of an experiment I've been trying; namely, to wear all of my work-worthy shoes, a different pair every day without repeating. Now, I own a LOT of shoes, and figuring out the best way to incorporate them all into different outfits was somewhat of a challenge. I managed to go an entire month of workdays without repeating once, which I thought was pretty impressive. I've been posting these on my Facebook page but finally decided to create this blog, so rather than go through each outfit description in exhaustive detail I'll just recap them briefly.

Week 1: The experiment kicked off on Tuesday, March 25 with a pair of blue t-straps by Paolo, followed by mary janes by Steve Maddon and John Fluevog, and my favorite pair of comfy boots from Bata. At this point I was also experimenting with the setup and settings on my camera, so the photo quality isn't so great for some of these.

I'll go ahead and state right now that I'm a terrible bargain shopper, and rarely have any luck finding anything at thrift stores. The first 2 outfits pictured above came mainly from local boutiques, while the second and third came from a very pricey store in Copenhagen called Noa Noa, at which I have left a lot of my hard-earned and disadvantageously-converted US dollars.